In my class which is room 24 made sugar posters with our Partners.My partner was Andrea and you guys should visit her blog. This is a poster about how sugar can affect the brain.Her blog is in my class collum in my page.

3 thoughts on “Sugar Poster and how we can help Global issues

  1. Hey angel I liked knowing about what you did in class. It is very important to know the health risks of eating sugar and or the foods that have too much sugar. You are very thoughtful and I liked that about you. I relised your very thoughtful by the way you told us to check your friend Andrea’s blog. can you send me the link to her blog because without it i’m not able to check it out.

    1. You can go to my page and on the right, it would have a list of my class and you can go check it out and Andrea’s blog is there too.

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